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This is a story or three men living in three different countries – all suffering from life-threatening heart disease, and all greatly helped by the same remarkable nutritional formula.

Surgeons Baffled by Results

In Canada, 82-year-old Don McGinnis underwent five-artery bypass surgery back in l994. That operation bought him three years of improved quality of life. Unfortunately, Don’s arteries became clogged again. This time the doctors threw up their hands and stated that nothing could be done.

“They said go home and make your will,” explains Don. “They just gave up on me.”

At that point, Don was suffering severely- his circulation was so bad his toes were turning black and the skin was dropping off. He had very little strength, shortness of breath, profound fatigue, and was barely able to walk or do any form of work.

A serendipitous encounter turned Don’s life around. A woman overheard him discussing his health problems with the minister at his church. She told Don about a nutritional formula called RTRE (from Creative Nutrition Canada) that has helped thousands of people around the world dramatically improve their health, especially those with heart disease.

This vascular cleansing formula was designed by David Rowland, a nutritional expert, author, and past writer for Spa Life magazine. RTRE offers a unique combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that work synergistically to dissolve and clean out plaque in the arteries.

Don investigated the supplement and decided to give it a try. Within three months, he noticed tremendous improvement. The circulation to his feet improved so much that he stopped wearing socks because his feet were too warm!

His heart was checked by an angiogram six years after Don was sent home to die. The surgeons were baffled by the results. “They said my arteries were as clear as the day the bypass was done.” They didn’t understand why, but told him to continue his nutritional approach, which he intends to do for the rest of his life.

The best thing for Don was being able to resume an independent, normal life. (Health troubles had forced him to give up his own business driving and caring for buses.) He enjoys life with his four grown children in small-town Picton, Ontario. He is delighted to have regained the strength and stamina to do house and yard work again, and is helping to build a carport.

Using RTRE, “My health kept getting better and better,” states Don. “I feel it saved my life.”

Six Months to Live

In a different small town – Glenrock, Wyoming – another man knows what it’s like to be given a death sentence his doctor.

Robert Fulton, 74, had always been very active, enjoying hiking, hunting, racing vintage cars, and mountain climbing. One day, he climbed 12,000 feet up a mountain and suffered a heart attack. All alone, he didn’t realize what had happened. He literally crawled back to his truck. The symptoms mostly disappeared when he drove home, but a week later that frightening experience recurred, together with severe chest pain. This time Robert was admitted into the hospital.

He learned his heart was in terrible shape and a quadruple bypass was urgently required. That was in 1990. Robert was fine for a few years but then, like Don, he started to re-experience painful symptoms. “I couldn’t walk more than 75 yards without using nitroglycerine,” he says. “I needed to take it every day.” Due to poor circulation, he had no stamina along with constant, agonizing pain in his legs that kept him awake at night.

The doctors told Robert he had only six to 12 months to live without another bypass. He refused the surgery because it didn’t appear to hold much promise of being successful or offering him a better quality of life.

Shortly after, Robert was introduced to the RTRE formula by an associate. He was elated with the results: “It worked like a miracle for me and saved my life.”

Within two weeks, the severe pain in his legs had disappeared. According to Robert, everything in his body began working better – even his memory and brain function, which also rely on good circulation for best performance. Since taking RTRE, he’s never had another chest pain or used nitroglycerine. Even his diabetes and allergies have greatly improved.

Like Don, he’s pleased his health allows him to work again. Formerly a mechanical engineer – and again, like Don, a war veteran – he now runs a small, highly specialized business with his son repairing broken shotguns.

Although the surgeons insisted he’d be dead within a year if he refused a second bypass, it’s been eight years since that pronouncement, and Robert is doing fine. He says he’ll use RTRE forever, along with a variety of other herbs, nutrients and fish oils to maintain good health.

Don and Robert have been so grateful for their improved health that they’ve introduced many other people to RTRE, who have also experienced great success with this safe, non-invasive approach to a healthier heart. Both still take their heart medication, but they wouldn’t be without their supplements.

Not a Laughing Matter

My uncle Danny, a stand-up comedian who lives in London, England, is to me yet another inspiring story of survival. Four years ago, Dan suffered a major heart attack while performing on stage in Northern England. He didn’t know what was causing his crushing chest pain and nausea, and was prepared to drive 150 miles back to London. It was a blessing that his son insisted on calling an ambulance or Dan would have suffered a second heart attack behind the wheel * this time probably fatal. Instead, he had the attack in the hospital.

In one way, what happened to my uncle was not such a shock. Like many entertainers, he led a horrendous lifestyle. He smoked 40 cigarettes a day, drank at least 48 pints of beer a week, was overweight and had a lousy diet.

Dan’s experience of being in a cardiac unit – where others were dying around him – enormously changed his outlook. He also changed other patients’perspectives, keeping them and hospital staff laughing at his endless stream of jokes.

Although the bottom part of his heart had died, Dan fortunately did not require surgery. He lost weight, changed his diet (his wife, Laurie, saw to that), quit smoking and drank far less beer. He also started on the vascular cleansing formula. Dan said he feels the RTRE “has cleaned out my system – it’s like flushing my radiator every day.” The formula has improved his health and given him peace of mind.

Best of all, when Dan had an angiogram six months after leaving the hospital, the doctors couldn’t understand why he’d had a heart attack at all because his arteries were so clear. Today, at age 57, he says: “I have the blood pressure of an l8-year-old and my heart rate is fantastic. I feel 100 percent all around.”

By Lorrie Imbert – Natural health editor of Spa Life.