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About Rowland Formulas™

Are you facing a significant health challenge, or are you simply looking for dietary supplements that really work?

Whatever your reason for visiting our site, we would like to welcome you! Our mission is to create powerful supplements that enable you to achieve your health goals.

For 33 years, David Rowland’s formulas have been empowering countless thousands to overcome serious health challenges and build superior wellness. Our solutions are extremely effective, thanks to these unique features:


Your body has innate healing wisdom that can correct most degenerative health conditions, provided you give it all of the raw materials it needs to do so.

Correcting the Cause

The only way to solve any problem is to correct its cause. Most degenerative health conditions are caused by nutritional imbalances. Rowland Formulas™ supplements have solutions for these imbalances.

Formulating for Results

Rowland Formulas™ supplements are precisely formulated to give your body everything it needs to overcome specific health challenges. Example: Your body may need three nutrients to overcome a particular problem, and may also need five others in order to utilize the first three. If the formula does not have all eight ingredients in optimal amounts, it won’t be able to do what you want it to.

Biochemical Individuality

Each of us is as different on the inside as our faces and fingerprints are on the outside. We all require the same nutrients, but not necessarily in the same quantities. Many of us have deficiencies, but not the same deficiencies. Some of us have unusually high requirements for certain factors. And stressful lifestyles push our requirements far beyond the levels suggested in textbooks. This is why our arterial cleansing formula has 30 ingredients – to give the body a buffet from which it can choose whatever it needs on any given day. Your body instinctively absorbs large amounts of whatever it needs and little to none of what it doesn’t.

The Vitalized® Difference

In 1995, I discovered a way to manufacture vitamin/mineral tablets in a way that significantly enhances their bio-energetic qualities, as documented by Kirlian photography. Vitalized® tablets thus act as a subtle form of vibrational medicine, over and above their nutritional content.

Photo on the left shows the Kirlian energy field of a conventional vitamin-mineral tablet. Photo on the right shows the energy field of a tablet which is identical in composition but made with a patented Vitalized® process.

Cost Effective

Rowland Formulas™ broad spectrum supplements have the added bonus of saving you money. Five of our PRIME™ vitamin-mineral tablets are equivalent in potency to 21 tablets/capsules of conventional, fragmented products.

Vitamost® Encyclopedia

When you join our Buyers Club, you receive a FREE copy of the Vitamost® Encyclopedia of Food-Based Medicines. This is a mini-course in nutrition which shows you how to tailor supplement programs to the needs of the individual. It explains the 11 common factors that contribute to degeneration and makes recommendations for 88 health conditions.

Nutri-Body® Analysis

If you are a health practitioner, Nutri-Body® analysis empowers you to give your clients the very best nutritional advice possible, based on their unique biochemistry. Their scores on a detailed questionnaire pinpoint which nutritional imbalances require the most attention – for each particular person. Nutri-Body® does what theories and textbooks cannot. On-line processing is available through the Nutribody Online Assessment tool. Please enquire at

– David Rowland – Holistic Nutrition Expert

About David Rowland

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“David Rowland is the foremost expert in holistic nutrition, author of 12 highly acclaimed health publications, innovator and publisher of Nutritiapedia®, and creator of the NutriBody® assessment.  Rowland cuts through the noise and offers a plethora of no-nonsense nutritional solutions in his latest work, NUTRITIONAL SOLUTIONS FOR 88 CONDITIONS: Correct the Causes.

“This book is the most relevant, useful and comprehensive compilation of contemporary holistic nutrition information I have read to date. In these pages you will find all of David Rowland’s best research and clinical experience complete with new and innovative programs to naturally address – and in many cases prevent disease altogether.

“It will quickly become apparent that David Rowland is no ordinary nutritionist and that he comes with many decades of experience.  He is a trailblazer and trendsetter.”

by Bryce Wylde, B.Sc., DHMHS

Associate Medical Director at P3 Health; City TV Health Expert; Medical Advisor Dr. OZ show; Director “My Health” Report

I have been using RTRE formula for 20 years.  I’m in very good health, and my friends and family marvel at the energy level I have.  I am now 73 years of age.
G.M., Warsaw, Ontario