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Nothing Speaks Louder Than Results!

Your body has innate healing wisdom that can correct most degenerative health conditions, provided you give it all of the raw materials it needs to do so.  Rowland Formulas™ supplements are precisely formulated to give your body everything it needs to overcome specific health challenges.


Available to U.S. Customers

FLW® is David Rowland’s original arterial cleansing formula, with a
34-year history of successful results in restoring circulatory and cardiovascular health. Provides 13 vitamins, 8 minerals, 2 amino acids, 2 lipotropic factors, and 3 glandular concentrates.

Supplements You Can Trust

Recommended Daily Allowances (RDAs) are guesstimates of what the body needs to prevent advanced deficiency disorders, plus a margin. If you wish to build superior health, and not merely the absence of disease, then you need to give your body as much as it needs to do the job.

PLUS™ (Stress Formula)

PLUS™ is a broad spectrum multi-vitamin-mineral formula enhanced by extra amounts of those nutrients that support the adrenal glands.

(Arterial Cleansing)

RTRE™ is a broad-spectrum formula providing vitamins, minerals, lipotropic factors, amino acids and glandulars in the proportions that enable the body’s immune and eliminative systems to remove plaque from artery walls.


PRIME™ is a complete and balanced multi-vitamin-mineral formula. Five PRIME tablets per day replace up to 21 different tablets and capsules of conventional, fragmented products.