“My coronary artery heart disease is gone.”

I was a computer engineer, on call day and night.  I needed a change so returned to construction.  A few months in I started getting leg cramps in the night, waking up in severe pain in my calf muscles, the kind that feel like your leg is twisting off, foot frozen with the toes curled back.  I started getting chest pains, heart palpitations, head rushes, pain in my left arm pit, left side of my neck and chin.  Not all at once, over the course of weeks.  At first once a week, then two or three times a week, then almost nightly cramps in my calf muscles.  Then the other symptoms began gradually.  Heart palpitations once a week then a few times a week, then every day, finally every few hours.  All of which my doctor attributed to stress and returning to contracting.

In 2003, I almost passed out on the stairs of one of my building projects, my foreperson Chanelle insisted on taking me to emergency.  After several abnormal heart stress tests on a treadmill, they went to the next step, Myocardial Perfusion Imaging, (MIBI) which uses an injected radioactive tracer that mixes with your blood to track blood flow through the heart.  MIBI takes place on two separate days.  It examines blood flow after exercise on treadmill the first day, and no exercise on the second day.

I was diagnosed with coronary artery heart disease, resulting in decreased blood flow.  I was scheduled for bypass surgery.  My last client a computer school had made some changes after work began, I informed them it would cost extra, and they said to go ahead.  I scheduled everything to wrap for the day before I was going into the hospital.  I needed the cheque to pay my crews and materials.  They said it was too much, refused to pay the invoice, so I had to cancel the surgery and start legal collection, materials could wait, my sub-contractors and crews could not.  

So I called my cardiologist who informed me one of the two operating theaters he worked out of had to shut down for maintenance, as a result I was relegated to a waiting list. My cardiologist told me to not strain myself, not to work, take daily aspirin, and keep my nitro spray handy.

Naturally, I returned to work against orders, nothing physical, just bidding, and supervising to get things going, then let my foreperson take over.

I was standing in an empty mansion calculating the cost of painting when I received a call.  A young man said I had left a business card at his health food store when I dropped in about seven months before (that was first and only visit).  I explained my situation and he told me to come down, he would “fix me up”.  I told him I was unable to work myself, had to pay extra guys to do my share, so I was broke, he said to drop in anyway.

He recommended FLW.  He told me about an 80-year old woman who had used it to good results.  As I was just getting by with no money for extras, I told him I couldn’t afford supplements.  He replied no problem, I could pay him whenever.  He instructed me to take 10 a day in divided doses, one bottle would last a month, and take one bottle for each decade of my age. So I walked out with 5 free bottles of FLW for all intents and purposes. 

One day I grabbed a 5-gallon pail of primer in each hand (they weigh about 65 lbs a piece) and walked them down a long driveway and down a flight of stairs into the basement.  It was on my third trip when my foreperson Chanelle came out and started yelling at me for straining myself.

It was then I realized I wasn’t out of breath, or dizzy and had no chest pain.  I don’t know when as I wasn’t really tracking, but over the months all my previous symptoms of chest pain, cramps in calf muscles at all times during the night, heart palpitations had gone away one by one so gradually I hadn’t noticed.

I meant to call my cardiologist, but I kept putting it off, just happy to be able to get back to a few things.  After about two years, in December 2005 I went to start physical therapy, but after filling out the forms, I was told I needed to clear it with my cardiologist first.

I called my cardiologist who apologized profusely, after digging up my file he said my name had never actually made it to the wait list for surgery.  He took me right in, scheduled emergency surgery saying I was lucky to be alive after all this time.

He immediately ordered another MIBI to see how far the blockages had degenerated to give him a guide.  A day later he called me to his office.  He examined me while humming and hawing, took my blood pressure, went back several times to look at my multiple original stress and MIBI tests, and the latest one, then finally said the latest MIBI was normal, all the previous blockages were clear, 100% blood flow.

I told him what I had done and the supplements I took, but he didn’t even want to look at the FLW ingredients. The term most doctors use is “spontaneous remission” for an unexpected healing or improvement of a degenerative, or progressive disease.  He just said to keep doing what I was doing and call him if symptoms returned.  Otherwise, I didn’t need him anymore.

According to my GP, at least back then, Doctors in BC or Canada cannot acknowledge alternative cures, or suggest any kind of non-prescription supplements to treat disease, outside of normal vitamin recommendations.

I continued to use FLW as a daily as a multi vitamin for maintenance, and every few years will take the 10 a day for a full month for a total cleanse.  2021 and I am still symptom free. J

John Klevinsky

Surrey BC.