LVR (Liver Health)


LVR™ = holistic liver and gallbladder cleanse. Helps under functioning liver to get rid of toxins, waste products, and excess hormones.

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INGREDIENTS: Dandelion root, Yellow Dock root, Burdock root, Chickweed, Barberry BENEFITS: liver detoxification, improved flow of bile, restored hydration and electrolyte balance, reduced uric acid, improved production of digestive enzymes, bowel normalization, reduced oxidative stress on liver, soothing of digestive issues, blood purification, reduced gastrointestinal stress, natural diuretic.

RECOMMENDED INTAKE:  6 capsules daily, in divided amounts with meals.


“LVR™ is amazing and it works!”
K.B., Waterloo, ON

“Over the years, I have tried many different liver cleanses on my clients. It wasn’t until I had my clients try LVR™ that I visually saw results from the product during colon cleansing therapy. IT WORKS.”
K.L., Cochrane, AB