Assessing Biochemical Individuality: Nutri-Body® Analysis


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Written by leading edge innovator and master formulator, David W Rowland, Assessing BioChemical Individuality is the Nutri-Body(R) manual used by health care practitioners. It provides the details needed to interpret and make sound recommendations based on each client’s unique responses to the Nutri-Body(R) Questionnaire.


Nutri-Body® Analysis is the method of nutritional assessment preferred by practitioners – because it enables them to pin-point each person’s unique biochemical weaknesses.

The scores in each category of the questionnaire are compared only to the person’s overall state of health and not to any textbook standards or statistical averages (which may be totally irrelevant to the biochemistry of the person being assessed.)

This manual is intended for use by health care practitioners.  It provides the background information needed to interpret each client’s unique responses to the Nutri-Body® Questionnaire — and to make sound recommendations accordingly.