Health House Clinic conducted a study of 20 volunteers who took Advaya® for 30 days.  Participants were of both sexes between the ages of 28 and 87.  This was a blind study in which the name of the product and its ingredients were undisclosed to both participants and administrators.  Participants were instructed to take the product for 30 days at a dosage of 5 tablets per day.  They were told to make no other changes, to continue eating the same foods and taking the same dietary supplements they always do.


Blood samples were taken before subjects began taking the product and again after taking the product for 30 days.  In each case, the samples were taken after a 3.5 hour fast in which only water was consumed during that time.  Live blood samples were studied with darkfield microscopy imaging.  Dried blood/oxidative stress test samples were also studied.


Improvements noted by observing live blood cells included:  stronger immunity, healthier and more active white blood cells, less evidence of allergic responses, increased antioxidant activity, less free radical damage, reduced chemical toxicity, healthier red blood cells, higher hemoglobin content, stronger cell membranes with more separation, better assimilation of nutrients, improved circulation, less fibrin congestion, better pH balance, less  uric acid, reduced acidosis, and improved endocrine and hormonal balance.

Improvements noted from oxidative stress blood pictures included less adrenal stress, reduced bowel inflammation, improved magnesium uptake, lower systemic stress, less free radical damage, improved metabolic regulation, improved thyroid/endocrine function, reduced metal/chemical toxicity, and less lymphatic congestion.

Participants also filled out before-and-after surveys ranking various symptoms on a scale of 1 to 10.  In descending order of predominance, reported symptom improvements included:  improved digestion, feeling more rested in the morning, better mood, more even-tempered, feeling happier, improved sense of well-being, better skin complexion, fewer blemishes, less muscle and joint pain, better elimination, less fluid retention, less snoring, vision improvement, less shortness of breath, hearing improvement, more energy, better sleep, fewer headaches, and increased libido.


Advaya®, a patented metabolic activator formulated by David Rowland, improves the internal environment of the body thereby enabling all biochemical reactions to take place more efficiently.  Advaya® works at the cellular level to oxygenate, alkalize, and energize.

Improving the oxygenation and alkalinity of tissues reduces toxicity and increases efficiency.  Everything in the body improves.  Detoxification is facilitated.  Metabolism is boosted.  Oxidative damage is prevented.  Inflammation is reduced.  Rejuvenation happens at a cellular level.  Cells function better and become biologically younger.  Immunity is improved.  Blood becomes purer and more freely flowing.  The entire body becomes more energized and vitalized.

Ingredients in Advaya®

Goji berry, Red Clover flower, Fo-Ti root, Betaine, Shilajit extract, Germanium.

Advaya® is available wherever Rowland Formulas products are sold.